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Your website Is Not One of Them.

YOUR WEBSITE Is Not One of Them.

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Do I know you? Well, what I really mean is, do I know your brand? Standing out from the crowd is no small feat, especially when your competition is trying just as hard as you to make their mark. You need a partner who understands all aspects of the marketing and creative process and who can help you guide a successful campaign from start to finish. I specialize in strategic planning, development, design, branding, sales, and analytics, ensuring your message remains consistent and clear.

Hi! I'm Brooke Promnitz, a Brand Evangelist, Marketing Enthusiast, Customer Experience Fanatic, and Scratchy Violinist. I'm passionate about elevating brands and helping businesses thrive.

Thoroughly-immersed in all aspects of the creative process, I believe the core of any successful marketing endeavor is rooted in a deep understanding of one’s audience, paired with a thoughtful balance of both functionality and design. When I'm not knee-deep in projects, I enjoy playing the violin, history, science, hiking, and photography.

Skills to pay the bills.

How I stay busy. Mostly.

Brand Identity

Your brand is important. I create all the elements you need to tell your story, including logos, copy, and marketing collateral.

Creative Design

I design visually-appealing marketing pieces including brochures, ads, flyers and digital media to help you stand out.


Understanding your audience is critical. I help you measure and manage key metrics to understand the bigger picture.


From newspaper and direct mail to AdWords and social media, I cover the full ad spectrum.

Web Design

Fluent in both design, scripting, and SEO, I create beautiful and responsive websites for all devices.

Sales & Marketing

Skilled in developing and nurturing strong relationships and excellent customer experiences.

Portfolio & Case Studies

Browse my design portfolio and featured case studies.

Logo Design

A Collection of Logos I've Designed

Samaritan Village

Web Design, Marketing, Advertising

Creative Design

Web Design, Postcards, Ads & Other Work

Castle Air Museum

Web Design, Social Marketing, Promotional Design

Not just a day job.

Currently serving as the Marketing and Sales Manager for Samaritan Village, a senior living community in Hughson, California, my responsibilities encompass a broad array of marketing, advertising, design, and sales activities.

My passion and enthusiasm for working with seniors runs deep - and it's what's fueled my desire to redefine what people think when they think, "Senior Living".

Samaritan Village has provided me a wonderful opportunity to focus my creative energies into redefining how people view Senior Living, injecting creativity and humor to create a refreshingly different vibrancy in an industry which is oftentimes incorrectly viewed as something wholly different than what we represent.

When not working on new ways to grow the organization, I also provide freelance design services and volunteer for our local air museum.

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I love the challenge of creating new customer experiences and have collaborated with many in designing compelling and effective campaigns to highlight a wide variety of products and services. Want to work together? Drop me a line!