Brooke Promnitz

Multidisciplinary Marketer, Designer

I inspire people to engage with brands in meaningful ways and work for a knock-your-socks-off senior living community called Samaritan Village where I lovingly manage all things marketing and sales.

Joining the Samaritan Village team in 2011 was bar-none the most transformative career decision I’ve ever made. I had jumped headlong into an industry largely stigmatized by inaccurate assumptions to undertake the design, development, and brand messaging of virtually all facets of the community’s marketing process.

The endeavor quickly grew into a labor of love, inspiring me to explore new ways to inject humor and creativity into our brand to help redefine what people think when they think, “Senior Living”, and inspire them to connect with our community. Watching these efforts translate into year-over-year record growth has been incredibly rewarding and makes me proud of the team we have assembled and the ways we connect with all who interact with the Samaritan Village brand.

In my spare time I play the violin and mandolin and nurse my obsession with behavioral science and history with a diet of (audio)books and podcasts. I have a widely-known love affair with typography, spending way more than I should on fonts, and I get away to the California coast and beautiful Washington to hike as often as I am able.


Ardent Video – Logo Design (Platinum)
Samaritan Village – Copywriting (Gold)
Samaritan Village – Website Design (Gold)
Castle Air Museum – Logo Design (Gold)
Brooke Promnitz Design – Website Design (Gold)
Castle Air Museum – Digital Illustration (Honorable Mention)

Brooke Promnitz Design – Website Design (Commendable Site)

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